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vandante® knowledge

With vandante® knowledge you provide your costumers and employees with information quickly and clearly.

The knowledge database software combines the mapping of information with innovative features to create a reliable standard solution and brings the right knowledge directly to the point of communication at the right time.

Knowledge administration

A user-friendly and structured content management system enables the implementation of new content, the central administration of processes and the integration of different media.

Knowledge mapping

The content and media are immediately available to users and can also be assigned to individual groups or users at different times using an authorization system.

Knowledge optimization

Feedback modules ensure a documented and transparent dialogue between editors and users, while analyses of user behavior enable the identification and optimization of content.

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Editorial system

With the comprehensive text and image image editor, you can structure the content in such a way that your employees can can be used optimally.

Time and user-dependent information ensure maximum flexibility flexibility in the design of your processes processes and content.

You can also integrate your logo and customize the knowledge database software in the colors of your company.

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Mapping of different media channels
Mapping of different media channels

Media management

Integrate all common video, image and file formats into your knowledge database.

Equip images with links and turn them into interactive buttons.

Use the media multiupload for maximum efficiency.

People exchange files

Process management

Our process editor enables the centralized management and design of processes and saves resources and and time savings.

The integrated exchange platform ensures lively communication between editors and clients, and all work steps are all work steps are documented and historicized.

People exchange files
Mapping the knowledge database
Mapping the knowledge database


Your employees navigate in the knowledge database via the menu tree or the multidimensional search function, which searches the title, content and key terms of the articles.

Current information is displayed as a news ticker, particularly frequently searched content in displayed in the top processes. This is how You can quickly find the most common processes most common processes in the knowledge database software.

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The integrated feedback function enables your employees to provide quick and uncomplicated feedback on articles, search results, processes or functionalities.

The reported feedback is available in a structured form and can be edited on an ongoing basis, and all entries are given a time stamp and an individual ID. In this way, no feedback is lost and you ensure structured documentation of all feedback and make your employees an integral part of ongoing process optimization.

Person evaluates and gives feedback
Screenshot of statistics in the backend
Screenshot of statistics in the backend


Evaluate which search terms are used particularly frequently, whether your employees use the current news ticker entries already read and which content is accessed particularly is accessed particularly often.

This way you ensure transparency and can continuously optimize the knowledge database on an ongoing basis.

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