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vandante® Knowledge Management

With more than 20 years of business experience in knowledge management and our innovative approach to the change of time, vandante® has been developed for your optimal knowledge management in the company and for you in continuous further development.

Whether in customer conversation, in e-learning or as a basis for automated communication – with vandante® you control different channels and situations according to your ideas and provide employees, customers and clients with knowledge centrally and quickly and have the opportunity to preserve the knowledge sustainably by means of verification.

vandante® products

vandante® knowledge

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About vandante® knowledge

vandante® video

Conception, script & design and text-to-speech implementation in over 40 languages

About vandante® video

vandante® learning

Design and implementation of sophisticated solutions for continuous learning in everyday work

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vandante® Core Benefits

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Content & Support

From knowledge consoldier to editorial support in the processing of content – for all vandante® products, we offer professional support in the setup and on-going operation.

With the growing functional portfolio of vandante®, you have every opportunity to future-proof your knowledge management in the company.

Comprehensive knowledge consolidation

Editorial support

Professional support

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Effective knowledge transfer

Once the content of the knowledge transfer is designed, it can be made available to users of vandante®.

With vandante®, you have it in your hands to determine who has access to different content and when it should be made visible.

Individual provision of information

Intelligent knowledge management

Effective knowledge transfer

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Efficient learning

To maintain acquired knowledge consistently, vandante® with different innovative possibilities can provide important inputs in small bites and have what you have learned continuously and compactly checked.

With vandante® you integrate learning into everyday work and give learners pleasure in acquiring new knowledge.

Continuous learning

Learning integrated in everyday work

Fun learning

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Integration of individual wishes

vandante® is constantly evolving to give you a lasting sense of confidence with modern knowledge management in the company. In order to offer you the best possible personal use with vandante®, we are also happy to implement your individual wishes within the scope of the opportunity.

With vandante®, you are offered a range of products that are constantly optimised, which can be adapted to your needs on request.

Best-in-the-world personal experience

Realisation of individual wishes

Continuous optimization

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Welcome to the Family

With the customer management of vallegro® you can integrate tools and solutions for your business case. You realize the automation of your customer communication with the products of vacapo®. Together with vandante®, future-proof and unique services are created – for you and your customers.

Easy connection to our product family

Customer-oriented services

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